My Iphone Being Hacked Remotely. Help to Unhack Iphone 2019

Advancement in technology has revolutionized the whole world & with the advancement in technology, Iphone or Android phone hacking is becoming a major issue. Many times, this question has been asked that Iphone being hacked remotely help to unhack iphone. If your iphone is being hacked by hacker, then it is your job to kick hacker out of your phone and enhance your iphone privacy. Before digging into unhack portion, you should confirm the signs which shows whether is iphone is being hacked or not and should you apply unhacking strategies.

Signs Showing Iphone Is Being Hacking:

Although it is not hard and fast rule to check whether phone is really hacked or not but you can analyze by several factors and signs like

Unknown Apps Icons

Are you facing unknown icons in your Iphone. If you want to check whether you iphone is hacked or not you must scan your phone to check whether there are any unknown icons or not. If there are those apps installed which are unknown to you then there is a possibility that somebody has hacked your Iphone & he is accessing your data remotely. Many times, these apps open automatically and they you to enter several details or follow some link to receive award. Remember that these apps might be trojan or malware which will transmit your phone data to hacker so do not enter any detail or follow any link on that app.

Is your Phone Locked?

 Is your Iphone 6 locked? If its locked & is asking you for money to get it unlock then that mean your phone has been tapped by somebody else. You must follow the security strategies to protect your Iphone from hackers.

Is your phone Jailbroken?

If your iphone has been jailbroken, then there is a great chance of being hack. Jailbroken iphone are those which execute those apps which are not recommended or allow by Apple. A jailbroken iphone security is not enhance & it can be made to hack easily as compare to hack iphone which is not jailbroken. You must confirm the fact whether your phone is jailbroken or not? Also do not buy jailbroken Iphone. 

High Data Use?

If iphone is starting using high data and becomes warm very quickly, then there is a chance that some malicious app is running in background which is continuously tracking your iphone and sending data back to hacker. Check all the apps on your iphone and if found one, remove it quickly using antivirus apps.

 Greater Battery Consumption?

If you are facing more battery consumption, then there is a probability that iphone is running some apps in background. You should investigate those apps to know what they are doing. There are many spy apps which runs in background and send your phone data to hacker so always make sure which which apps are causing battery consumption. Always read apps working before giving them any permission since it can cause you a lot of damage later on if a spy app has got access to your file manager or gallery, it can transfer your data to hacker.
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How to Unhack Your Iphone If You Think It is Really Hacked 

If you think above signs are showing in your iphone device then you can perform some security measures in order to unhack iphone.

Make Iphone Offline For Some Time

You can turn your iphone offline for some time in order to stop hacker from accessing data from your phone. You can do this by either turning ON Airplane mode or by switching OFF your iphone.

1) To turn off your iphone, hold down the "POWER" button on the upper right side of your iphone, then slider the finger across the screen once you see the option to slider finger to turn off iphone.

2) To put iphone in Airplane mode, go to settings>>Airplane Mode, then tap the Switch to right button to Turn ON Airplane mode.

Disconnection of internet will prevent hacker from accessing your iphone. No spy app will be able to transfer any data to hacker meanwhile.

Unhack Using iTunes

You can erase phone data or restore your iphone to latest backup by connecting iphone with computer and using itunes.

Factory Reset Your iPhone

If making iPhone offline does not work or iTune method is not fulfilling your demand and you are curious about your iPhone, then the best strong method is to reset your iPhone. Resetting your iPhone will wipe out everything from your iPhone and will make it to brand new version, when you first time launched your iPhone. 

Backup your iPhone data before factory resetting so future use if you want. Do backup of your iPhone data and keep it to safe storage where you can again access after resetting iPhone.

To Factory Reset your iPhone after backing up your data, 

1)- Go to Settings>>General>>Reset & then select Erase All Content and Settings.

2)- If you have added password, it will ask you to enter password to verify and then a warning box will be open which will confirm you want to factory reset whole phone data. It will give warning that it will remove everything from your phone data. Make sure to backup data and keep it in safe place.

3)- You'll need to enter your Apple ID password to confirm the action. Once Apple ID is added, it will factory reset your iphone and your phone will be back to the position where you first time use that. It will 100% guarantee that hacker access is lost. 

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