How To Remove A Hacker From My Samsung Phone

Technology advancement has both positive and negative effects. One of the most rising issue now a days is the cyber security. Hackers are taking access to people cell phones & are causing a huge loss to people in term of money or data. We will be discussing today how to remove a hacker from samsung phone so get started.

Are you Sure Your Samsung Phone has been hacked?

Are you sure someone has access your samsung cell phone? There are many signs through them you can check whether someone has take access to your phone or not. We have previously discussed them & you can check how to tell if my phone is hacked.

If you phone is hacked, you can see many suspicious activities going on your phone like Wifi or Bluetooth will be turned ON or OFF automatically without your permission. 

You might see unknown apps on your phone asking you for all permissions to access various settings. Never allow them permissions.

How to Remove A Hacker From My Samsung Phone?

Factory Reset Your Phone

Backup all your data into memory card or usb drive & quickly reset your samsung phone. Note that factory resetting phone will delete everything from your phone & your phone will be back to its old position from start when you had bought it. In this way, all the spam files will be deleted from your Samsung phone.

Install Antivirus 

If you do not want to factory reset your samsung phone, you can try installing some good antivirus apps to scan your phone for malicious files. There is a good possibility that antivirus will catch viruses but it is not guarantee because hackers mostly use those apps which escape from antivirus scan. They test those malicious spam apps/files with different antiviruses.

Use Applockers

You must use good applockers lock your phone whole data under a strong password. You must keep a password for your messages, gallery, file, etc. It also help to enhance phone security.

We had Written a detailed article to remove hacker from your phone. You can also give it a try here

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