T Mobile Insurance Policy Deductible

t mobile insurance policy deductible

T Mobile Insurance is basically a cell phone insurance program in which the cell phone lost, or mechanical fault is transferred to the cost of the potential loss through T Mobile in exchange for compensation which are also known as premium. The employees of T Mobile are not fully licensed insurance agents. T Mobile Insurance is actually a huge benefit for expensive mobile phones where users do not have to worry about loss or theft of their phone as they known that they will get replacement if any thing odd occurred to their cell phones.
A Look into T Mobile Insurance Claim

T Mobile Insurance policy basically tells about its insurance policy rules that in which circumstance, you will be awarded with replacement & in which case, you will not be eligible. You must read their Insurance policy before applying for claim or taking their membership.

T Mobile Insurance Policy

  • - You can have maximum of two approved claims within a calendar year for the claims of accidents, loss, stolen, theft, etc.
  • - There is no replacement for the hardware fault (Mechanical breakdown) etc.
  • - You can have a maximum of $1500 per claim.
  • - Premium device protection has got some extended features like Lookout Security Premium for device security and protection.
  • - Premium Device Protection also includes McAfee Security which will make your digital world safe and secure with safe browsing, antivirus for removing trojans, malware, identification of theft, & loss wallet protection.
  • - Personal Help Desk support like connected devices like routers, smart TVs, etc.
  • - Your mobile device will be replaced with reconditioned device of same type and quality. If reconditioned device is not available, then your device will be replace with new one. Replaced device come along with 6 months warranty. 

 T Mobile Insurance Deductible

T Mobile deductible fee vary from mobile to mobile. The more advance and nice the cell phone is, more will be its deductible price. It is currently $175 for iphone. The cheaper the  phone is, less will be its deductible price.

The issue with T Mobile Insurance is that if you have got an expensive phone, then you can pay for its repair yourself & phone will start working fine. If your cell phone is not of good quality, then you can replace that phone with new phone & that will cost you less than T Mobile Insurance deductible price.
Read about T Mobile Insurance

Mobile Phone Insurance is really useful when your cell phone is expensive one & it got dead or its condition become extreme that it cant be made to use again. In this case, you are actually getting a very good phone for a less deductible price of $175 (In case of iPhone).

If your see T Mobile Insurance package, you will see that the Device Protection fee for two years is $240 and deductible fee is $175 which become $415. If you file claim, you are actually getting a new phone for $415 which is almost half the price of a brand new phone.

T Mobile Insurance Protection Plans & Jumps

Jump Plus

  • - Upgrade when you want with JUMP!®, plus enjoy peace of mind with Premium Device Protection benefits, while also protecting your investment with McAfee® Security for T-Mobile, including McAfee® ID Protection and McAfee® Content Protection—PLUS Personal Help Desk
  • - Monthly Cost: Tiers 1-3: $12
                         Tiers 4-5: $15

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