How To Remove Block A Hacker From My Phone

How To Remove Block A Hacker From My Phone

One in every four accounts gets hacked. Many times, it has been searched that How to remove or block a hacker from my phone on Internet. Hacker use various spam apps like trojans, malware, spyware to hack users mobile phones & monitor their activities. Most of these malicious apps look like some normal apps which run in background and transfer the control/data of user phone to hacker. Hacker can attach them with a game app or any informative app. Some apps among these malicious apps are detect by antivirus but these trojans are very dangerous. They remain silent in user phone, & when specific conditions met, they transfer full user phone data and control to hacker.

If you are sure that hacker is accessing your phone data through malicious apps & you want to remove/block from your phone, then you can follow the whichever method which suits to your condition.

How to Remove/block a Hacker from My Phone

Use an Updated Antivirus

First of all you must scan your phone with an updated antivirus like Avast, Kaspersky, Stubborn Trojan Killer, MalwareBytes Anti Malware, etc. There are good chances that antivirus will catch the hacker malicious apps & will remove them. In future, it will scan every single app before installation to prevent your phone from being hacked. If you feel good with budget, then you can upgrade your antivirus like Avast to premium version. It will provide you with extra premium features that can better help your phone against any type of hacker attack. For removing trojans, you can try Stubborn Trojan Killer app.

Upgrade your Operating System

It has minimal effect but sometimes, it can be productive. If you upgrade your device to latest version, then there is a possibility that trojans & malware might not be compatible with the current version of operating system. They will not function properly & hacker control will be eliminated from your phone.

Look for Unknown Apps

Navigate to "Installed Apps" to check for unknown apps. If there is any app which you did not install, then that is surely an uninvited guest from hacker & you must remove that app to block hacker.
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Factory Resetting Android Phone

If the above strategies did not work, then you can go for factory resetting your phone. Do remember that factory resetting will remove all of your data from your phone & will brought your phone to initial state (State in which your phone was when you had bought it).

- Go to Settings of your Android Phone.
- Scroll down to Backup & Restore tab.
- Tap "Factory data reset".

If your device is not functional after being hacked, then you will have
follow alternate method to factory reset your phone. Do not forget to remove
your SD card before carrying out this operation.

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Alternate way to remove Hacker from your Phone

First of all Shut Down your phone either turning it OFF or removing the battery & again putting it back.

Press & Hold correct keys pattern to bring phone into recovery mode. This combination of keys vary device to device Like
  •   - Nexus 7: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power
  •   - Motorola Droid X: Home + Power
  •   - Samsung Galaxy S3: Volume Up + Home + Power
Different devices use different keys pattern for bringing phone into recovery mode. You can find this combination for googling your device name with recovery mode.

- There will be several options. Use Volume Up & Down in order to Scroll through options.
- Scroll to "RECOVERY MODE" option & press Power button.
- You will see Android logo with Red triangle.
- Hold down "Power Button" & tap "Volume Up"  button. It will show you Android system recovery menu at the very top of the screen.
- Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset with Volume up & down keys & press Power buttons.
- Scroll down & select "YES" tab. It will start erasing your phone data.

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