How To Catch Someone Spying On Your Phone

How To Catch Someone Spying On Your Phone
Technology has revolutionized the whole world & with advancement in technology, Cell phone hacking, spying is also increased. People are now curious about their self phone data protection. Many times it has been asked that How to catch someone spying on you/your phone. Its possible that you can detect that your phone is being spied by someone else by considering various signs.

Battery Drains More Quickly

If your cell phone battery is draining more fast than usual then there is a possibility that some trojan or malware is running in background which is the cause of draining of battery.

Phone gets Warm

If you are facing phone warming issue, then there is a possibility that it is getting warm because of malware, trojan, spyware apps. If you are playing a game or using any social media app like Facebook, Twitter, then its OK but when your phone is not in use, then there is surely some app running in background which is remotely transferring control of your phone to the hacker.

Noise while talking to someone

If you are hearing continuously noise or huge echo while talking to someone
on cell phone, then there is an uninvited guest on your phone who is
accessing your phone control through spy app. If from the very beginning
you are facing echo issue, then do not worry, it might be due to cell phone
internal circuitry issue.

How to Catch Someone spying on your Phone?

Well its bit difficult to catch the hacker who is spying on your data because
hacker take control of your cell phone through various ways like
  • - You have installed an app from Unofficial store and that app has attached trojan or spyware.
  • - You access spam link through spam message.
Also hacker leave not sign of its identification in any kind of spyware or medium
which he is using for hacking cell phone. Hackers are so smart that what
all they need is your cell number to hack your phone.
Apksecurity always suggest you to perform all the security measures. We believe that
security of your phone is in your hand. If you follow all the security strategies, then there is no way for any hacker to spy on your phone & steal your data. We recommend you some of the security strategies which every Android/Iphone user must adopt.

Security Strategies to protect your phone from being Hacked

Install an Updated Antivirus app

We recommend you Avast, Kaspersky, 360 Security - Antvirus, MalwareBytes Anti Malware, apps with latest
update to enhance phone protection. You can check Top 5 Antivirus apps with their Pros & Cons.

Use Applocker

Always use applocker to not only lock your cell phone but also lock messaging, Images & Videos gallery, Whatsapp, Facebook, or
whatever your important media. If hacker has somehow got access to your phone, he will not be able to bypass the pattern lock.

Always check for unknown apps

Must check unknown apps icon in your phone "App Manager". There might be a possibility that
while downloading any app, there is some kind of malware or spyware also downloaded & you did not notice. Immediately remove in case you have found any.

How to Fix when your phone has been Hacked?

Whatever precautions you adopt, there is some slight possibility that hacker might be more smart than you. In case your phone has been hacked & you want to unhack it, then you can unhack it using following simple strategies.
There are two possibilites of hacked phone
1) Phone has been hacked but device is Functional

If your phone phone has been hacked & your device is functional, means you can access your media or whatever, then you can install Unhack App & monitor the behavior of all those apps running in your device.

2) Phone has been hacked & Device is not Functional

If device is not functional, then you will have to Factory Reset your phone. We have written a complete guide on both of the methods. You
can access the guide on How to Unhack your Phone?

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