Can Someone Hack My Phone From My Number

Can Someone Hack My Phone From My Number
Hackers have invented various ways to hack cell phones. They have demonstrated that whatever the security measure an Android/iPhone user adopts, whatever they need to track their location or hack their phone is just user Cell Number.

Because of mobile hacking & online spamming, people are becoming curious about their Cell Phone protection. They do all the security measure which are require to enhance their phone protection. Many times, it has been searched that Can Someone hack my phone from my number?

If has been seen that hackers only need your cell number to hack your phone. They can spy on your messages, sms, text, images, or any other important document.

How Hacker can hack phone with just Number?

Whenever calls or messages are made through phone, SS7 (Signalling System No.7) handless all the detail like Number translation, SMS transfer, & other duties that connect one network to another network.

By gaining the access to SS7 system, a hacker can access all the detail like person location, sent & received messages, call log, can listen to their calls, & much more.

Also this is independent of Mobile Phones. Whatever security strategies user has applied on his cell phone from being hack, it will not effect. What hackers do is they broke into the SS7 network & monitor the activities of users. It has been proven by hackers that they can break SS7 Network.

Other Ways Hacker Can Hack From Phone Number

By Sending Spam Message

If hacker knows your number, then he can send a spam message with an attach malware/trojan or spam link. He will pretend that he is from authorized company or from any app support & will advise you to follow the specific link to get update for that app or any other thing. If you follow his guidance, you will be indirectly inviting an uninvited guest to your cell phone whose task will be to spy on your data & remotely transfer that to hacker.

Through Whatsapp

Hacker can also take advantage of whatsapp. He do repeat the same procedure for whatsapp. Do remember that whatsapp never send any sms/text to any its user nor ask to follow any procedure to update or take its special services. If you found any contact asking this, immediately block it.

How to secure phone from Hackers?

The question that come into mind is what should a user do if all of the matters are out of his hands. Well, breaking into SS7 system & tracking user location or messages is bit tuff & it is rarely done on users. This tecknique is mostly used on targeted users whose activities are to be spied.
A user can simply secure his phone by following the security strategies listed on Apksecurity, like
  •  - Use updated Antivirus.
  •  - Use Applocker.
  •  - Remove unknown icons from phone.
  •  - Use spam text blocker apps.
  •  - Never grant permissions to any third party app.
  •  - Never use your original password while accessing third party apps. Always use some alternate password for them.
  How to catch someone spying on your phone

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