My Iphone 6 has been hacked remotely. How to fix it?

Advancement in technology has revolutionized the whole world & with the advancement in technology, Iphone or Android phone hacking is becoming a major issue. Many times, this question has been searched & asked that My Iphone 6 has been hacked by someone remotely & how to fix it now? Mobile phones are becoming the major part of our life. We have got almost all of our important data like documents, photos, videos, games, apps,texts in Iphone. If somebody else has taken the control over our phone, then it become the first priority for us to get back the control of iphone from the hacker. If we do not follow the right strategy, then he might cause great danger to us & our data.This guide can be follow to enhance apk security
You must first confirm yourself that your Iphone has been remotely tapped by someone else by considering the following signs.

my iphone 6 has been hacked

How to tell if my Iphone has been hacked?

Is Your Iphone start behaving odd?

If your Iphone has started behaving odd, like it is interrupting you in between of programs, or it is opening a file or program again & again or it is lagging down your phone continuously, then that mean some body else has taken the control over your phone. You must follow good strategy to fix iphone 6.

Are you Facing unknown Apps?

Are you facing unknown icons in your Iphone 6. If you want to check whether you iphone 6 is hacked or not you must scan your phone to check whether there are any unknown icons or not. If there are those apps installed which are unknown to you then there is a possibility that somebody has hacked your Iphone & he is accessing your data remotely.

Is your Phone Locked?

 Is your Iphone 6 locked? If its locked & is asking you for money to get it unlock then that mean your phone has been tapped by somebody else. You must follow the security strategies to protect your Iphone from hackers.

Is your phone Jailbroken?

If your iphone has been jailbroken, then there is a great chance of being hack. Jailbroken iphone are those which execute those apps which are not recommended or allow by Apple. A jailbroken iphone security is not enhance & it can be made to hack easily as compare to hack iphone which is not jailbroken. You must confirm the fact whether your phone is jailbroken or not? Also do not buy jailbroken Iphone.

how to fix it

How to Fix if My Iphone 6 has been hacked remotely

If you Iphone password has been stolen, then that is not your mistake that hacker has taken the control over your phone.  You should quickly start the recovery procedure before its too late. Remember that its your device & nobody else has got any right to remotely tap it.

Contact Apple:

If hacker has hacked your phone & is asking you for money to get it unlock then what is the best option for you? Either you will have to pay hacker a good amount to get unlock your phone or contact Apple? Whats the probability that hacker will give back you your phone password after getting the money? The best path to follow is to contact apple & tell them about tapping of your phone. 

Bypass your Iphone Password

If hacker has put a password onto your phone, then you can bypass that password too. Apple has given the complete guideline on how to bypass password on your Iphone. It will help you to get the control of your phone back. Remember to put a strong password along with other security measures to enhance your phone protection & security.

Quickly Change your Password & Apple Id

If you have managed to get your phone password back, then it is the golden opportunity for you to change the Apple id & password so that it become impossible for hacker to regain the access to your phone. You can follow the guidelines on Apple website on how to reset your Iphone. 

Enable two Step Verification

Do enable two step verification after you have regain access to your Phone. With two step verification, every time for accessing your phone, there will be a pin code sent to a device which has been associated with your Iphone. In this way, it will become quite difficult for any one to access your phone. 

Use System & Security Info app:

Install System & security Info app on your iphone 6 to prevent it from being hack. This app will analyze your Iphone for the harmful programs, malware, or trojans. If it came across harmful programs, it will immediately tell you. You will be able to know about the security level of your Iphone.
To learn more about System & security info app, Follow the guide about System security App features

If you are Android user, then you can follow the guide that my phone has been hacked. How to fix it?

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