How to Unhack your iPhone 4 5 5s 6 7?

how to unhack iphone
With the advancement in technology, Mobile phone spamming, remotely controlling, & hacking is increasing. Many times this question has been searched & asked that How to Unhack your iPhone if it has been hacked by someone else? Throughout this article, we will be discussing the way by which you will be able to unhack your hacked Iphone whether its 4 5 5s or 6. The fist thing that you must confirm is that whether your iphone has been hacked remotely or not? You must check the different signs which are elaborated below which will help you to identify about the security level of your Phone.
If you thing that the below defined signs are present in your iPhone, then you must follow the security strategies given at the end to unhack it.
If your iphone is not jailbroken, then the security level of iphone will be enhanced & it will be much difficult for hacker to access your phone. The security of jailbroken iphone decreases & they can be easily hack. You must check whether your phone is jailbroken or not? If it is jailbroken, then you must check several signs & at the end, the method to unhack it using simple procedure. 

Signs that can Tell about security of your Iphone? 

Spam Messages!

Have you received any spam message from unknown number. Was there any spam link in that message? Have you downloaded any app or file by following that link? If yes, then you must confirm whether that message was sent from some official company or hacker. There is a chance that hacker might tried to access your phone by sending you a spam message.

Battery Drain off!

Have you found a reasonable change in the battery life of your iPhone? Is your phone draining more battery than normal? If yes, then there is a chance that there is some malware or trojan running in background that is helping hacker to remotely accessing your phone & that is causing a great drainage of iPhone battery.

Iphone become warmer!

Is your phone getting more warmer than normal? It is also a sign that someone else is accessing your data. The reason for getting warmer is that there might be some tracking app running in background & because of continuously running of that app, iphone is getting more warmer than normal. There is a possibility that your iphone 6 has been hacked.

Noise while talking to someone on Call!

Do you hear noise while talking to someone on call? There might be a spam app running in background that is causing destruction of signal. If your iphone is interrupting in in between of programs, then that also mean someone is spying on your data. If you have found your iphone locked & it is asking you for money to get it unlock, then that also mean your phone has been hacked by some hacker.

how to fix hacked iphone

How to Unhack your iphone?

Now, if you have 100% become sure that your iPhone has been hacked & someone else has taken the control over your phone, then now its your turn. You will have to reset your phone so that any spam app or trojan that helped hacker to access your phone data will be remove. Also it will enhance your iphone security, protection, speed, & performance.
  • 1) Connect iPhone with Computer.
  • 2) Now open iTunes.
  • 3) If you have got important files or documents, then do backup that information so that after resetting your phone, you could be able to recover them.
  • 4) Now click on Devices which is located on left side of the window.
  • 5) Click on "Restore".
  • 6) You iphone will be restored. It will be set to factory settings. Now, you will have to again install other apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.
In this way, your iphone will be free of any malicious or hacking app & control of hacker over your iphone will be lost. 

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