how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone

Technology has revolutionized the whole world & the way technology is making smart phones advance, Cell phones scamming, hacking, spying other people phones, remotely controlling of phone is increasing. Many times the question has been searched & asked that how to stop someone from spying on my Cell phone? It is possible now that somebody else can take control over your phone. He can access your important files & data & can cause great damage to your data. There are numerous ways by which a hacker can hack your phone. He can read your text, messages, access your phone calls log, access your personal notes/documents, & much more. For securing your phone from the hackers, you must follow the security strategies to enhance your apksecurity.
You must confirm the thing that whether someone is accessing your phone or not before going into protection strategies?

Confirm Whether someone is spying on your Cell Phone?

The first & most important thing is to consider the signs which can tell whether your phone has been tapped by someone else? Means someone is spying on your phone or not. You should clarify the point that someone is accessing your phone remotely & he is try to hack your phone. It is somehow difficult to check that hacker is spying on your phone & you can follow the strategy to catch him yet by following some signs you can tell whether you phone is hacked or not?

Signs that can tell someone else presence in your Phone:

Mobile Phone battery drains off:

If your mobile phone battery drains off quickly, then there is a possibility that someone else is spying your phone. If you are not playing games or not listening to music & your phone drain off battery than usual then some hacking/spying app might be running into your Android phone that can transfer your phone control/data to hacker. If your phone take longer than usual to charge, then there is also a possibility that some tracking software has been installed into your Android mobile that is draining battery & is continuously running in background. That software might be a trojan. Do consider installing Stubborn trojan killer in this case.

Mobile Phone get warm early than normal

If your phone is getting warm early than normal, then there is a possibility that someone is spying on your phone data. This is also a good sign for knowing cell phone spying & detection. If you are running games & apps like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, google plus, etc then that might not be true but if you are not using that much apps nor playing games, then there is a big probability that your phone is being tapped by someone else. If your phone is getting too much warm, then this a big sign because some tracking software/app might be running in background for monitoring your phone.

Mobile Phone Interruption:

If your phone has started interrupting you in between of programs or it has started sending text/messages automatically, then there is a big possibility that some tracking software is running in your phone.

Phone Locked?

If your phone has been locked without your knowledge, then someone else has taken control over your phone. He might has hacked your phone to demand some thing from you. Either he can ask you to pay a good deal of money or something else. Also if you are encountering unknown apps which are not installed nor downloaded by you, then this is also a good sign that someone want to tap your phone.

Check Network Usage 

Mobile phones allow their users to monitor the usage of intenet that has been done from their Mobile. If you are encountering greater usage of mobile as compare to your usage then that is clear that somebody else is trying to get your phone data. The data from your Mobile phone is being sent by some monitoring app to the hacker & that is using internet for this sake. You can easily identify whether your phone is being spy by someone else or not by considering this fact.

How to stop Someone from spying on Your cell Phone?

Use Applocker

Use an applocker to lock all of your phone important data like photos, videos, apps, documents, etc under a strong password so that hacker could be able to access them. With app locker, it will become compulsory to apply the correct password pattern to access that data. It is a good & easy step to stop someone else from spying on your phone data.
Use can use several lockers like Advance protection applock app, etc.

Use Antivirus/security app:

If there is any spy software in your phone, then you can easily track & remove it using Antivirus or any other security app. Antivirus will in depth scan your phone for tracking app & as soon as it came across it, it will notify you & will ask you to take the appropriate action against that file. You can permanently remove that file from your phone & can enhance security. There are numerous antivirus apps like Du antivirus, Avast mobile security, Kaspersky antivirus, etc.

The security level of Iphone is high as compare to Android phone until & unless those Iphones are not jailbroken. It is quite impossible to hack or remotely access iphone that is not jailbroken. This is all because these Iphones do not run any app other than those which are present on Apple Play store & are recommended by Apple.

Jailbroken Iphones are those which execute those apps too which are not recommended by Apple. In this way, their security level is low. You can analyze the security level of Iphone using System & Security Info app.

Install Apps from Official Store

Always install apps from the official store. If you are android user, then you can install apps from Play Store & if you are Iphone user, then you can access iphone apps from Apple Store. These apps are trusted & can not provide harm to your phone. If you install apps from other websites, then there is a great possibility that those apps contain malware or trojans & they can give access of your phone to hacker. Hacker can easily tap your phone using those apps.

Remove unknown apps:

If you are encountering unknown apps, then you must go to settings & open the list of all installed apps on your phone. From there, you can check that which app is the spy app & is running in background to cause greater to your phone.

Enable call & Message Encryption 

Using Applocker, & antivirus will enhance the security of your phone but still if you are curious about your calls & messages, then you can perform the encryption of your voice calls & messages. You calls & messages will be regain at the destination. It will become impossible for hacker to tap your calls & texts.

Does lagging of Phone mean some one is spying ?

Its not necessary that the signs explained above will be true every time. If your phone is hanging or lagging alot, then you must try CM Speed booster or Clean Master app to remove all the unwanted data, cache files, junk files, etc from your phone. Installing app like Clean master & Antivirus like Avast, or 360 security can enhance your phone protection.

I thing someone is accessing my Phone?

If you have came across any situation in your phone where you have thought that somebody else is accessing my phone data or is spying on my data, then you should try Antivirus. An updated antivirus will help you to enhance your phone protection. It will also remove all the unwanted files, viruses, & tracking apps. Do not forget to update your phone regularly. Remember that the malware designed are according to the current version of your mobile phone. If you upgrade your phone to latest version, then the effect of those malware will be weaken down or remove completely.
Yet if you worried about your phone privacy, then you must update your password regularly. You can update password of all those apps which you have access on your Mobile. Also keeping a good app locker can put the protection level of your phone to the next level. 

I am worried about my Email

If you think that somebody else is accessing your Gmail id, then it is very easy to track the location of that person. Gmail allow you the functionality of telling the list of all those devices by which someone has logged in to the mail. Also it will tell you the location. 
If your email has been hacked by someone else, then you can study the security measure to perform after email id hacking.

Final Words:

In this time of technology, do remember that mobile phone hacking & spying is possible. You must perform the security measures explained above to enhance your phone protection. Always update your phone & use cleaner to boost phone speed. Use Applocker. These small small protections will combine together to become a strong wall in front of any malware or trojan. If you like this article do share it with your friends & leave in comments about the signs.

Suggested Security Tips:

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