Can someone Hack my Phone by calling me/you?

Mobile hacking & stealing of data has become so common now a days that people are now very much worried about their security & privacy. A well searched question on the web is that can someone hack my phone by just calling me? Well the article will surround around this question that is it possible for someone to steal your information or remotely control your phone just by making a call. Well, as far as hacking somebody mobile, taking access to his private data, stealing his information for hacker is possible if he know your Cell Number.
That simply mean all hacker needs to know to steal or information, or remotely hack your phone is your Phone Number.
The first thing you must clear to yourself is that you must believe that your Phone can be hacked at any time by any hacker. He can steal your information, remove your important data, lock your phone, & so much else that can be done. You must adopt the security measures to enhance your Phone privacy, protection, & apk security.

Every mobile user use Signaling System Seven, SS7 which is needed by every one to make a call or send a text message. SS7 has been used by phone companies for the exchange of information. If hacker manage to get control over SS7, then he will be able to access your messages, & will be able to listen to calls etc.

Can Someone Hack my phone by calling me?

But, its not possible that somebody hack your phone just by making a call to you. For hacking your phone, hacker must have to get physical access your Android or Iphone, or he will send any malware or trojan, that will silently give control/access of your phone to hacker.

 But one thing you must be careful about is that your phone can be made to hack my texting you. If somebody text you & that contain spam link, & you access that link or download any app from that link, then there is a possibility that any trojan or malware will enter your phone that can steal your information & transfer it to somebody else.

You must read the signals which can tell you whether you phone is hacked or not?
If you phone has been hacked, then you can perform some security measure to unhack it.

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