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Clear all the cache, junk, temp, residual files from your phone using cache cleaner apk. It is one of the best app that will remove all the unwanted files from your phone by just tapping a single click. It will create a huge free space so that you can install and run more and more apps. If any body has got the problem of memory management etc, then he can easily get rid of that problem by running app cache clearing app. There are many apps which run in background & cause greater memory consumption. Also cache files become great load on your phone & you must clear them frequently. The best feature added in this app is that it will auto clean apps after the specific interval. You will see a dynamic change in your phone speed, optimization, & performance after running this app.

Features added in App Cache Cleaner - 1Tap Clean apk

  • -This app is will automatically close when it has removed all the cache files.
  • -It can also clean residual files.
  • -It does not require complex operations for its working rather by just tapping a single click, it will enhance phone optimization.
  • -Whenever you open any app, it will automatically clear cache of that app.

What If you Press longer on Any App?

  • -You will be able to install apps which have got cache files.
  • -This app will be open.
  • -You can share this app with others.


app cache cleaner apk free download for android latest version

Additional Information about 1 tap cleaner app

Current Version:
Required Android Version: 4.0 or higher

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