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Enhance the security of your Android phone using Antivirus 2016 apk. It is one of the best & latest Virus killing app that will scan your phone for harmful programs, viruses, malware, trojans, spyware etc. As soon as it came across those harmful programs, it will immediately take action against them & will remove them. You can either get this apk from play store or direct link. It is best free antivirus for android. There are numerous apps which are untrusted & when you install them on your phone, then they cause great damage as they have got numerous viruses. Also many apps run in background & cause greater memory consumption. Antivirus 2016 will scan each & every file & it will remove them to increase your phone security.

Features added in Antivirus 2016 Apk app

Below are some of the cool features which have been added in 2016 Antivirus Security app.
  • - This app does not require complex operations for its working. It just require a single tap to scan your phone for viruses.
  • - It almost run on every android phone.
  • - It does not require Internet connection for its working.
  • - Does not utilize greater memory resources.
  • - Will scan SD card for threats & harmful programs.
  • - Free to download & install.
  • - It is one of the best & fastest virus scanning app.


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Additional Information about Antivirus 2016

Size: 3.2 MB
Current Version: 1.0
Required Android Version: 3.0 or higher
Download links are given below. You can download this app either from play store or direct download link. Do not forget to Google +1 this app.

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