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Enhance the security of your android phone by installing Trustgo Antivirus & Mobile Security apk. It is free professional antivirus app that has got numerous features which will help you to find harmful & malicious viruses which are either causing danger to your phone or stealing private data without your permission. There are numerous app on internet that are not trusted. If you have not got antivirus, then those different trojans, malware, & viruses will transfer to your phone. Then can cause great danger to your phone & your data. They can steal your important data from your phone. Trojans will install other viruses without your permission. Trustgo Antivirus app is specially designed for backing up your data within seconds. You will be able to recover your lost data within seconds.

There are different permissions on your android phone. You must have complete knowledge about them. Privacy advisor will help you to understand what those permissions are and when you can use them.

Trustgo Antivirus & Mobile Security apk features:

Phone security:
Trustgo Antivirus and mobile security will perform scan in your phone to enhance security. It is in depth scan for viruses, malware, trojans, & other harmful programs and then it will take appropriate action against them. It will remove them to secure your phone data. It will also result in accelerating your phone speed.
Full scan:
You can either run a quick scan or a full scan. A full scan will in depth search for hidden viruses. There are many other viruses that cant be found by running a quick scan. For that you must run a quick scan that will find harmful viruses.
Backing up Data:
Antivirus apk will backup your personal data so in case you have lost your data or data has been corrupted, then you can easily recover that data within seconds. You can backup contacts, messages, call log etc.
This apk acts like advisor. It will tell you about all the permissions in your phone. Then you will be able to decide when you have allow permission and when not to allow.
It supports different languages too.
Updated features in latest version:
Some new features have been added in latest version like by just tapping a single click, this antivirus will start scanning your phone for viruses. It will scan each & every app for viruses and will keep you phone safe. It will protect your phone data from being corrupted. If you lost your phone data, then you can easily recover it.

Screenshots of Antivirus & mobile security app

trustgo-antivirus-&-mobile-security apk-app free-download-for-android

Additional Information:Must read before downloading

Size: 3.3 MB
Current version:
Required Android Version: 4.0 or higher

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