My Phone Was Hacked How Do I fix it

android-phone-hacked-fixIt is one of the most asked question that my phone was hacked & how do i fix/backup it. With the advancement in technology, Cyber crimes & online scams are also increasing. Different viruses, trojans, malware are present along with untrusted applications that can easily steal your private information & your phone can be hacked within minutes. You must adopt strategies to secure your phone from hackers. Yet if you are consicious that your phone has been hacked by some one else then you should study different signs that appear if some one else has got control over your phone. If some one has really got control over your phone, then you can follow some of the strategies given below in order to backup your phone.

Procedure to fix Hacked Android phone

Flash it/ Renew software

If you think that your phone has been hacked then the best thing you can do is to flash it. After the installation of software, your phone will be back to its original form. Every thing inside it will be wiped out. If there are any hamful trojans, malware, etc that have helped hacker to access your phone, then all those malware will be removed. Remember to remove your SD card before flashing because it will result in removal of each & every data from your phone.
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Backup your data

Always backup your important data. If your phone has been hacked & some one has theft your data, then you can recover your data in that case. You can use different software too that will help you for data recovery.

Use Antivirus

If you want to fix your phone, then you can install best Antiviruses like Avast, Lookout security  and antivirus, Kaspersky & then run a full scan. These antiviruses will in depth search for harmful programs & will remove them. It can better help you to fix your phone. It will further help your phone from being hack.
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Use Applocker

Use applockers like Cm security applock, app lock, etc. They will lock your phone & all of your important data under a password. No body will be able to take access to that data without applying the correct password pattern. They will further stop hacker from accessing your important aapplications.
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Recover password

If you think your password etc has been changed then you can recover that password. You can request password recovery & that will be done.
Remember that it will 100% not possible to stop the risk of Hacking. You must adopt security strategies to keep yourself secure from those attacks.

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