My email has been hacked what should I do

With the advancement in technology, online hacking & spamming is also increasing. Many times, this question has been asked that my email has been hacked by someone & what should I do now? Well we will be discussing some safety measures that you must take in order to recover your account. Remeber that hacker can use your email for many purposes, so you must imemdiately take appropriate action in order to keep yourself safe & secure.

Steps to do If your Email has been hacked

1) Password Recovery

The first thing that you should do is to recover your password. The hacker might have changed the password & you can easily recover it by Clicking on Forgot Your Password & then Answering the security Question. In this way, you will be able to recover your password. Remeber to place a strong password now so that it become difficult for any one to guess it.

2) Enable Mobile Phone validation

It is one of the best way to secure your Email account. After the validation of password, it will send validation code to your Mobile number. You will have to enter that number into text field in order to open your Gmail/ any email account. 

3) Change Email settings

Hackers sometimes change your Email settings. If you receive any email, then that will be automatically forwareded to hackers. You must check Email forwarding settings whether any email has been added here or not. Also check whether hacker has added any spammy signature or not.

4) Scan Your Android phone

If you are Mobile user, then you must scan your whole android phone. Some best Antiviruses are Avast, Avg, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, etc. There are many malwares & trojans that come along with different apps. When you install those apps, then these trojans are also installed into your Phone. They send your important information to hackers without your knowledge. 
You must download Stubborn trojan killer apk in order to remove trojans from your phone.


5) Do not Use Same password

Never use same password for multiple accounts like Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Once hacker has access your gmail account, he can easily get access to your Facebook account too. Also update your password regularly. Try to use difficult passwords that are not hard to remember but are hard to guess.


6) Tell your Friends

Tell your friends about hacking of your email so that if they received any spam mail from your account, then they must ignore it. Also try to enhance your email security & prevent it from happening again.


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