How to Unhack your phone?

With the advancement in technology, Hacking of Android mobile phones is also increasing. Many times, this question has been asked that how to unhack your phone? Well there are many ways to do so. We will be discussing an easy way by which you will be able to unhack your phone & secure your data.

Have you ever thought that some body else might be accessing your phone? Or having an eye on your activities & messages? The answer will be definately No as we do not consider this issue which become a source of great danger for us. There are numerous malware & trojans that come along with different applications when you download them from Internet. After the installation fo those apps, these trojans start accessing your phone control & transfer it to hacker hand. He will be able to access different permissons of your phone. You can easily unhack your phone with an Android app termed as Unhack.
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How to Unhack your Phone?

Unhack is an Android security app that will see the behaviour of all the apps running on your Phone. It will see that which which application is accessing which which permission. It will monitor every app & will tell you that which app is accessing SMS, Camera, Gallery images, & much more.


After the installation of unhack app, you will see a window which will tell you about those apps which can access SMS, Contacts, Internet Connection, Camera, Call log, etc. It will also tell you that which apps are using your SD card. It will also tell things which these apps can do with these permissions like
  • -They can access all of your personal & important document files.
  • -They can access messages & can delete messages without your knowledge.
  • -They can also delete saved files.
  • They can access personal gallery photos.


With Unhack app, you can block the permissions to specific apps. In this way, you will be able to unhack your phone. It will also enhance your Phone security.

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