How to secure my android phone from hackers

It is one of the common question that is being asked a lot that how to adopt security strategies to secure my android phone from hackers. Protecting your phone from hackers is one of the important thing to do & for that many android security applications have been developed. Even though if you have got your android phone in your pocket, there is a chance that hacker will steal your important information with your knowledge & without getting physical access to your phone. There are different ways by adopting them, they get access to your phone like by using any application which apparently does not look like virus or through unsecured WiFi connections. It can cause you in a great trouble if you information has been hacked. You should adopt some security measurements in order to increase the protection level of your phone so that no hacker could be able to take access to your data.

We will be discussing some security measures. They will surely guide you that how tight the security level of android phone.

9 Ways to secure Android Phone from Hackers

Use App Locker:

You can lock your phone by using app locker application. All of your data will be locked under a password & no body will be able to take access to that data without applying the correct password pattern that will be only known to you. You can use different locker apps like app lock. You must set a strong password pattern so that no body could be able to make any guess. If you have got trouble of forgetting password, then you can set facial recognition. Your device will only be unlocked when camera detects your photo. Another best way is voice recognition. For unlocking your phone, android phone will have to hear your voice. You can say any specific word or phrase.
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Photo Tracker feature:
If your phone support photo tracker feature, then it is best way to protect your data in case your phone has been lost or stolen. You can detect your phone movement by using Map. You can also lock it remotely in case of stolen of phone. You can wipe out your data too. It will become difficult for hackers to access your data.
You can even use Anti-theft feature. Different apps like Quick heal antivirus, Bitdefender antivirus, Avast, etc have got this feature. It allow you to remotely control your phone. You can track your phone too.

Mobile Update:
Always update your android phone to the latest version. You can either update your phone automatically or manually. For manually, you will have to download updates from official website.

Apps from Trusted Store:
Always download applications from trusted websites/stores. These store authenticate the validity of apps. In this way, no harmful or malicious app will be able to enter into your phone. Always read the reviews for the particular app you want to download. It will help you to better get idea about the app you are downloading.

Granting Permissions:
There are many applications which require many permissions of your phone. Do not grant permissions before understanding them.Do not allow those permissions which want to take access to your personal information. Hackers can use different apps which can take access to your personal information if you grant permissions.
There are many antivirus app that will tell you which app is using which permission. In this way, you will be aware of whatever going on in your android phone.
Bitdefender is an example of those apps which act as privacy advisor.

Spam messages:
Delete all those messages which ask for your personal information or asking you to click on a specific link. There are many messages which seemed to be came from trusted networks & are asking for certain details etc. Actually, hackers are using them & if you click on that link, hackers will steal your information. It can also result in installation of malware on your phone. You must protect yourself by installing antivirus app that can block spam messages. It will investigate messages & it that message contain spam link, it will be blocked.

WiFi usage:
Only use internet on your mobile by trusted WiFi connection. Do not use those WiFi connections which are not secure. Also do not use public WiFi connection for specific purposes like shopping online or logging your personal accounts etc. Hackers can access your data & it can cause great trouble for you. Always use trusted WiFi connection & must protect your WiFi with a strong password and do not share it with any one else.

Use Antivirus/ Security Apps:
You must installed a quality antivirus app like Avg, Eset, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, etc. These antivirus apps have got tremendous features. They will protect your phone maximum from any danger or harm. Also they will block spam messages, allow you to remotely control your phone, removing any harmful virus or malicious program & making your browsing safe by automatically blocking all those URLs/Websites which content malicious content.

Keep backup:
Always keep backup of your phone data. In case you have lost it or in case your phone has been stolen, then you will be able to recover it. Also do not share your phone password with any one. Keep your password strong.

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