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Speed up your phone speed using clean master lite apk. It is one of the best cleaner app that has been developed by Clean Master Team. It is safest engine that has got the ability to enhance your phone speed by just tapping a single click. It will also improve your phone processing speed. Whenever you install different apps from Internet on your phone, then after some time, it start lagging. It also show the notification of low memory space whenever you try to install new application. Phone battery consumption increase day by it. This is all because there are many cache, junk, temp files & many unwanted apps running in background which keep on utilizing memory & battery & you have not got any Clean Master that can monitor & disable them to improve your phone speed. If you install this app, you will not face any of these problems any more as this app will handle all these problems itsself.

Features added in Clean Master Lite (Boost) apk

  • -The size for Clean Master app is small which does not become load on your phone.
  • -User interface designed is simple, dynamic, & User Friendly, which does not require complex operations for its working.
  • -Its engine has been rated as #1 through AV Test.
  • -It will clean up your phone by removing Junk, cache, residual files & stopping unwanted applications.
  • -Games running speed will be boosted.
  • -This apk will analyze battery status & in order to save battery, it will hibernate apps. Also by just tapping a single click, you can stop all those apps which cause greater battery consumption.
  • One of the dynamic feature, it also act as an antivirus that will scan your phone for virusese, malware, trojans, threats, & will remove them to enhance your security.


clean-master-lite boost-apk free-download android-app-latest-version

Additional Information about this App:

Size: 4.4 MB
Current Version: 2.0.6
Required Android Version: 2.3 or higher

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