Can someone Hack my iphone and Read my text messages

Techonology has revolutionized the world & with the advacncement in technology, Phone hacking & spamming is also increasing. People are now worried about their phone security & this question has been asked several times that can someone hack my phone & read text messages? Well the Answer to this question is definately Yes. The reason is that different malware, trojans, viruses, have been integrated with different Android and iphone apps that can step into your phone & can transfer your phone control into Hacker hand. We are going to discuss some possible ways by which it is possible for Hackers to access your text messages. Several security strategies will be discuss by adopting them, you can prevent some one else control on your phone.

How Hackers can hack your iphone/Android?

Trojans/Malware attacks

Hacker can integrate different malicious viruses & programs like trojans etc with mobile applications & upload them on untrusted apps stores. Whenever you download apps from those stores, then these viruses also transfer into your phone. Apparently that app works fine & you do not interface any hurdle but these trojans perform their work and they transfer the control of your Android phone to some one else. Hacker can then access your text messages & other information too.


Spam Messages

If you receive any text message which ask you to click on the link & enter your information etc, then do not open that messages & immediately delete them. They contain spam links that will collect your information & will make you in trouble.


Suspicious Websites

Do not visit or download any thing from suspicious websites. These sites contain different malware that can cause great danger to your phone data & security. Always download apps from trusted stores. An updated antivirus will notify you about suspicious sites & it will also block all those URLs automatically.

Whatsapp messages security

Hacker can also take access to your private whatsapp messages. You must read the article that how to secure whatsapp messages with password. This will tell you the best way to keep your messages safe & secure.

How to Keep text messsages Secure?

Use Antivirus/Security app

Use trusted antivirus security apps from Google/Apple play store. Some best apps are Avast, Bitdefender, Lookout security & Antivirus, Kaspersky, etc. These apps will scan your phone for virusese, trojans, etc. They will also block all those sites which contain malicious content. Your phone security will be enhanced using these apps.
You can run in depth scan for viruses. As soon as viruses are found, these apps will take appropriate action against them & will remove them.

Use applock

Install phone locking apps like App lock, super app lock, etc. They will lock all of your phone data under a strong password. No body will be able to access your data.  Your phone security will be enhance using app lockers.

Do not Share Whatsapp profile

Do not share your whatsapp profile to any one. Hacker can use that information & can access your personal messages. Learn to secure your whatsapp profile


Update phone Software

Always update your phone software to latest version. These updates will help to secure your phone. The trojans & malware designed are according to your phone software. When you upgrade software, it become very difficult for them to perform their task.


Use strong Password

Always use strons password for your phone safety & apps password. Do not put same password for two mobile. Do not use common words in your password as they are easily to get hack.A strong password is very important for phone security. Also update password regularly.


Always Keep backup

Keep backup of your data. If you have lost data in flashing your phone, then you should be able to recover that data. Also learn that How to fix hacked phone.

These are some of the ways by adopting them you can enhance your security. If you have got better opinion, then please discuss them in comment section so that I can update them here too. It will be immense pleasure for me to hear from you about this article.

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