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Download all in one toolbox apk in order to optimize your system performance, securing your phone data, managing files, & enhancing phone security. It will remove all the junks files, cache files, bulk operating apps, unwanted system apps, blocking unwanted notifications, & many many other tasks. It will clean all those files which are causing greater memory consumption. The size for toolbox cleaner is only 6 MB which will not become load on your phone rather that will help to remove unwanted files from your mobile. The User Interface designed is simple, dynamic, fluid, & User friendly. This app is very easy to use. It will create a dynamic effect on your phone by freeing up space, improving phone speed, & extending battery life. It will protect your important information too.

It will manage notifications of your phone. Many apps provide different notifications after some time. It will manage all the notifications & it will blocked notifications of those apps which are blocked. In the same way the messages of those contacts which are blocked will be saved for later check for cleaning. By just tapping a single click, this app will start cleaning cache or junk files which become a great load on your phone & utilize a larger memory. It will also remove temporary files, residual files, download history, email history, call or sms log, & other unwanted files. You will see a dynamic change in your phone after installing all in one toolbox.

Features added in All-in-one Toolbox(cleaner) apk

Speed booster
It will stop all the unwanted processes which are running in background in order to free space & decrease memory consumption of RAM. It will boost your phone performance by 2x & will optimize mobile battery.
CPU cooler
It will stop all those programs which are causing greater memory consumption and are resulting in heating up of mobile.
Backup of Apps:
All in one toolbox app will create backup of apps of your phone so that in case you have lost them, you should be able to recover them. This will help you to recover your important documents in case you have lost them.
System Uninstall
It will uninstall all those apps which are of no use & are causing memory consumption.
File Manager
This apk acts like file manager that will provide the list of options to control files of SD Card.
This app acts like applocker. You will be able to lock your important data under a strong password. No body will be able to access that data without applying the correct password pattern. You can lock media, images, photos, videos, contacts, etc in order to enhance security.
Some other features include
  • It will detect & block advertisements.
  • It will detect all the permissions which other applications want.
  • It will boost games speed.
  • You will be able to access system setting fastly.
  • By just tapping a single click, you will be able to manage of mobile.
  • It acts like barcode reader too.
  • It supports flash light. In case of dark, you will be able to find your way using flash light.
  • By using feature of compass, you will be able to find the direction.

Screenshots for toolbox cleaner app:

all-in-one-toolbox-cleaner apk-app free-download-for-android all-in-one-toolbox-screenshots android-cleaner-apps

Additional Information about this app: Must read before downloading

Size: 7.2 MB
Current Version: 6.4.2
Required Android Version: 2.3 or higher

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