Mobile Antivirus apk free download for Android latest version

Protect your phone against malware & viruses using mobile antivirus apk app which will enhance your phone security by eliminating all the viruses & threats from android phone. It is one of the best antivirus app that will scan for viruses in your phone. As soon as it came across any harmful program or malware, it will notify you & will take appropriate action against that program so that your phone should be secure. It is important to have updated antivirus now a days, because while surfing internet, or downloading different applications across different stores from internet, numerous harmful programs, spyware, & malware transfer into your phone. If you have not got any protection against them, then they will cause great damage to your phone & speed of your android mobile will get slow. If you have got antivirus app, then you need to worry because it will scan your phone & will remove all the harmful programs. Now, security of your phone will be better.
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Features: Added in mobile antivirus apk App

  1. Mobile antivirus app is simple, dynamic, fluid & easy to use.
  2. The User-Interface designed for this apk is very dynamic, & user friendly.
  3. It does not require complex operations for its working.
  4. Performance of your phone will be enhance after scanning your phone.
  5. It will help your phone to save memory.
  6. It will also optimize your phone battery.
  7. It works on almost every device.
  8. While tapping a single click, it will scan for viruses, & then remove to provide your phone better security.


Mobile antivirus app is working on Android having version 4.0.3 or higher. Must check your android version before downloading this app.



Additional Information:

Size: 10.0 MB
Current Version:  1.2
Required Android Version:  4.0.3 or higher

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