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Enhance the security of your android phone by installing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware apk which will fight against all the viruses & malware of your phone. It is one of the best antivirus that will search for viruses & malware in your phone & as soon as it came across any harmful program, it will then take the appropriate action against that program in order to protect your phone data. After the installation, it will start scanning your phone for threats, spyware, or other harmful programs & will remove them in order to accelerate your phone. It will also make your browsing safe. Whenever you connect to internet, you came across numerous websites that have got viruses or other malicious program that might be harmful to your phone. It will search for those websites, & then block them. Also, it will make your messaging safe & secure from spamming. It will filter upcoming messages for spam links & will block those containing spam. It will also search for each & every application for your phone. It will alert you if it came across any malicious program among them.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware app will guard your android phone in such away that now you will not have to get worry about your phone personal data from being corrupted from viruses. It will automatically search for viruses & will remove them in order to enhance your phone protection. Anti Malware will also block unauthorized access to your phone. While searching for apps now, you will not have to worry that whether this app is safe or not. Malwarebytes will automatically scan every app for malware, spyware, threats before it take action against your phone. This is one of the best feature of this antivirus.

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Features: Added in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware apk

Phone protection

Now, your phone will be protected against harmful programs. This antivirus will run full scan & will search for viruses & will take action against them. You will not have to get worry about any app that whether it has is harmful for my phone or not. This antivirus will automatically perform this task & will ensure your phone safety & protection. It also act as message filter in order to filter every message for spam links.

Keeping information Private

In cyber attacks, you lost your important information because of not having a standard antivirus.  Malwarebytes apk will ask you for the information you want to keep safe. In this way, no body will have permission to access your important information.

Check for Security issues

Anti-malware will search for security loop holes in your phone. It will not only tell you about the loop holes but it will also suggest you that what should be done in order to improve the security system of your android mobile.

Anti-Malware features:

  • Scan every file, media for viruses, malware, or threats.
  • Whenever any new applications is downloaded or installed, it will scan that in order to search for viruses.
  • Will scan SD card for harmful programs.
  • You can set schedule scan. It will start scanning your phone after the prescribed time.
  • Will search for unwanted programs in your phone.
  • Will update protection database automatically.
  • Will perform security audit for your phone in order to find security loop holes. Will suggest best ways by adopting them, you can enhance your phone security.
  • Will identify installed & running applications.


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Additional Information:

Size: 9.44 MB
Current Version:
Required Android Version: 2.3 or higher

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