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Protect your phone from viruses & malware using Line antivirus apk app which is one of the best virus protection app. Line antivirus has got numerous updated features which will help your phone to get rid of malware or trojans which cause threats to your phone. By only tapping a single touch, this app will enhance the safety level of your phone by cleaning any type of malicious program or folder. Different antivirus & security apps have been added to apksecurity to remove all the harmful programs from your mobile & this protection app is best among them because of having dynamic features, simple, & user friendly interface. The overall UI has been designed much attractive & you will surely like this app. You can either run a quick scan or a full scan. A quick scan will give you a quick go through of your phone while full scan will search for viruses in depth & will check for each & every program and file. It will scan each & every newly installed app too for viruses.

Now adays, whenever you download any app from different websites, your mobile got effected with different malware & viruses attacks. If you do not take proper action against them, then that will result in slowing down your phone speed & optimization. Now for that you must have a good & updated antivirus that can fight against all of them & keep accelerating your phone speed & removing any junk file or program as well as cache files that become load on phone memory & are a big source of memory consumption.

Features: Added in Line Antivirus apk app

Cool App

  • Line antivirus is simple, dynamic, & fluid app. It does not require much complex operations for its working rather just in a single tap, it will start scanning your phone & will remove all the harmful programs. It provides you with the option of quick as well as full scan. In quick scan, it will not go into much detail while in full scan, it will scan for every file & folder & will remove any harmful program or threat by completely analyzing them.

Real Time Monitoring for maximum protection

  • This apk will real time monitor your phone.& it will check for every program that cause damage to your phone & will remove that immediately. It will also check for those programs who asks for different permissions like internet permission etc & will scan them for viruses.It will also monitor those apps which are accessing your personal data like contacts, messages, etc & will take appropriate action against them. It is best app to enhance your phone security.

Your Choice

  • You can choose your personal apps & then can place them into safe store. All those will be safe from viruses etc. It also allows you with the option that which apps are to be selected for scanning & which are not to be. You can also turn on or off the real time monitoring. All those accessing are in your hand. You can also check for highly risky apps & then can delete them immediately.

Anti smishing feature:

  • Line antivirus help your phone against anti smishing. Sms smishing is the latest hacking way of gathering the user personal information through different ways. This app will save you from these hacking attacks. All of your private data will be reserved.

One touch Cleaner.

  • By tapping a single touch, this app will delete all the junk files or cache files from your phone to enhance the phone speed & will decrease memory consumption. This app does not require much complex operations.
  • File deletion has now been made more secure & safe using Line antivirus. While deleting files, none of your personal information will be leaked rather it will be leaked securely & safely. This is one of the best dynamic feature of this apk app.


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Additional Information: About android app
Size: 4.7 MB
Current version:1.0.41
Required Android Version:2.2 or higher

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