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Download Du Antivirus apk app in order to secure your android phone from viruses. It is one of the smart security app which enhance the privacy of your mobile phone by removing all the malware, junk files & folders & cache & every thing which it found to be harmful for your phone. Du has been awarded with the award of real time antivirus, anti theft & numerous other features which distinguished it from other apps. The security level of your phone will be increase & now you will not have to get worry about safety issue.

Some Cool Attributes:

  • -Du antivirus defends your phone against viruses, malware or other suspicious or harmful apps.
  • -It search for files, folders & other media for viruses & will take appropriate action if it came across any possible solution.
  • -Not only it act like mobile defender but it also it act like app locker & lock your mobile phone from others so that no body could be able to take access to your personal data.
  • -Now you can lock your whole phone or you can also lock any specific app, game, folder etc.
  • -Now you can lock your apps with multiple passwords.
  • -It will take the picture of the person who tried to access your phone in your absence.

Features: Added in Du Antivirus Apk App

  • -By tapping a single click, this app will start scanning your phone & if it came across any malware or suspicious file, it will remove it or will send it to chest. In this regard, it will ask you that what should be done now. Now will have to take appropriate action or you can perform settings & it will automatically perform that action.
  • -Du Antivirus provides real time protection by continuously scanning all the newly installed apps for viruses or malware. Hence it secretly enhance your phone security.
  • -This apk does not only act as mobile defender but it also act as application locker & it locks all the important media of your phone. You can lock applications, photos, images or any other thing under a strong password so that no body except you can take access to them.
  • -This app will scan SD card for viruses & will delete them.
  • -You can secure your personal images either by encrypting them or by locking them under a strong password.
  • -Not only images but you can also lock your personal videos too.
  • -Whenever some one tries to access your phone without your permission, then this app will secretly take the picture of that person & will inform you about that.


du-antivirus applock-apk free-download for-android latest-version

Additional Information: About security app

Size: 5.7 MB
Current Version: 2.1.2
Required android Version: 2.3 or higher

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