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Enhance the security & protection level of your phone by installing antivirus fast & safe boost apk app which will protect all of your phone data from viruses & malware. By using this booster, now you will not have any issue related to mobile speed & virus threats. You might have observed many times that after using your android phone for some days, it will become slow & its working speed will be decreasing down. Also, its optimization will becoming low & memory consumption will be increasing. This is all because whenever you install any new app or program, then that app might have some virus, malware, or trojans that cause damage & harm to your phone which result in slowing down your phone. Now, to cope with this problem, you must have installed a good updated latest antivirus that can fight against these viruses & can work as an antivirus as well as a cleaner to boost your phone speed. In this regard, you can install cm speed booster or antivirus fast booster. After app installation, it will start scanning your phone for malware & will remove all the harmful programs. It will also boost phone speed by removing junk files & programs. If you have got some mega apps installed, then you must clean their cache files to enhance phone security & speed. For that, this app will also remove all of the files. Now your phone will be optimized, battery & memory consumption will be low, & speed will be better.

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Features: Added in Antivirus Fast & Safe Boost apk App

  1. Best mobile security & protection app to fight against all the viruses & malware.
  2. It will also fight against trojans attacks.
  3. It is simple, dynamic, & fluid. Apk size is small, hence it will not utilize much phone memory rather it will help you to optimize your phone speed.
  4. Antivirus fast database is continuously being updated in order to protect your phone from viruses attack.
  5. It will scan for each & every file in depth for viruses. As soon as it came across any malicious program, it will take appropriate action to remove that program.
  6. It will provide your phone real time protection from threats.
  7. Whenever any new app will be installed, it will scan that app for viruses automatically.


antivirus-fast safe-boost-apk-app free-download for-android-latest-version

Additional Information:

Size: 5.2 MB
Current Version: 4.0
Required android version: 4.0.3 or higher

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