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Enhance the security & protection of your phone by AMC Security - Antivirus Boost apk which is considered to be one of the best android antivirus app which keeps your mobile phone away from viruses & malware by scanning your whole mobile. As soon as Amc app came across any virus, it will take appropriate action in order to remove that virus. This app is considered to be all in one mobile security app which perform all those major tasks which a best app should do.

While downloading & installing apps on your phone, you might have came across numerous problems like
  • Phone speed become slow & it takes a lot of time to perform operations
  • Memory consumption increases
  • You might have get worried about internet surfing as numerous viruses can effect your phone while downloading any app
  • & different other issues like that are common to people who are using Android phones.
Now the solution for all these problems has been released as AMC Antivirus has got different features & is a powerful app which will resolve all of your concerns. Now your browsing will be safe & also your phone will be away from viruses & malware.

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Cool Features: Added in AMC Security - Antivirus Boost apk

  • AMC is all in one antivirus app which will resolve all the major issues of your phone just by tapping a single click. It will scan the whole mobile & will remove viruses, cache files, & all those apps which are decreasing your phone speed. It will enhance your phone speed & will decrease memory consumption.
  • The User Interface designed is very simple, dynamic, fluid & User friendly. It does not require different operations to perform its task rather it require a single tap to start scanning & enhancing mobile speed & security.
  • This app boosts the speed of phone by removing junk files & other harmful media. Hence you will see a big change in your mobile speed & accuracy.
  • By running a quick scan, now your applications will work faster. You games will be working fine without any lag.
  • This apk makes your browsing secure by automatically blocking all those sites which seemed to be harmful or which have got viruses. This is one of the best feature. Now, you will not have to worry about surfing internet.
  • This app allows you to remotely lock your phone in case of lost. This will help you to secure your personal media from others.


amc-security antivirus-boost-apk free-download for-android latest-version

Additional Information: 

 Size: 7.9 MB
 Current Version: 5.4.4
 Required Android Version: 2.3 or higher

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