Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus apk free download for Android Latest version

Download Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus apk & enhance the security of your android phone by removing all the virus & malware. It is considered to be one of the best antivirus app which has got hundred of dynamic features which can fight against the viruses of your phone. There are hundred of viruses & different malware present on different websites. Whenever you visit these sites or download any kind of stuff from these sites, then these viruses also transfer to your apk phone & it result in decreasing down the speed of your phone. To fight against them, you must have a top rated antivirus which can remove all of them & mobile security is best among them. It continuously check for applications which you download from internet & if it found any kind of virus among them, it block that application & also remove that viruses. It keeps on checking different apps during scanning & at any time, if it came across any malware program, it will notify you about that program & will ask you to take the action. You can delete the virus program or can move that to chest too. It is keeps your phone safe from phishing attacks. It has got the feature of scheduling the scan run time. You can schedule the scan time daily, weekly, etc & after that time, automatically scanning will be start. Not only keeping your phone away from viruses, it has got numerous dynamic features too like it can act as a call blocker to block any unwanted call. Mobile security app can also lock your android phone so that no body except you should be able to get access to your personal data.

Features: Added in Avast Mobile security Antivirus Apk 

  • -Scan for files, apps, & other media to keep your mobile away from viruses.
  • -Not only it can remove virus, but it can also lock your phone to enhance the safety of your phone.
  • -For increasing the mobile speed, this security app kills the tasks that are decreasing its speed.
  • -You can safely browse internet now.
  • -It can identify incorrect settings of your phone, & will guide you to fix them.
  • -Will help you to keep your contacts safe.
  • -Keep you away from phishing attacks.
  • -You can also lock your android phone.
  • -While browsing internet, it will search for malicious websites, & if it found that website, it will redirect you to the safe zone which will increase your browsing safety & security in this free app.
  • -It can help you to enhance the battery usage. Your battery usage will be optimized.
  • -It will remove all the operations which will decreasing the speed of your phone.
  • -It will lock all the sensitive apps to enhance safety as it acts like applications locker.


Avast Mobile security and antivirus apk-app free-download-for-android

Additional Information: About android app

  • Size: Varies with device
  • Current version: Varies with device
  • Required android version: Varies with device

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